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Hello from Gary Palmer, the prime mover behind this website .

My first decade at work was spent in running operational direct marketing departments in fields as diverse as B2B publishing, consumer mail order and marketing new technology. Then I found myself working increasingly on projects to build the infrastructure for data-driven marketing: single customer view databases, applications for analytics, segmentation and targeting; campaign management and CRM systems

Over the next decade working on projects in a variety of industries, I came to realise that it was the nature of such work to be constantly drawn into new business areas, and to have to learn new subjects and master new disciplines in order to make those projects succeed.

That was the genesis of Information Alchemy. It is a free resource where I endeavour to share some of what I have learned about data quality, information management, new technologies, business process, and the management of change. More than that it is a forum where everyone can contribute what they are learning, so that we can all stop reinventing the wheel and build on the insights of those who have gone before.

If you want more direct help, I can offer independent advice and consulting based on twenty years of experience in getting real business value from the data resource. Also now available, data conditioning and marketing analytics services.

Call Information Alchemy ltd on 07981 472477 for full details.

Find me on Linkedin at: www.linkedin.com/in/chiefalchemist

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data quality

There are people in every organisation who do not yet realise that doing stuff with data is the most fun you can have at work, and think that all people who involve themselves with any area with data in the title, like data strategy, data quality, data-driven marketing, master data management and so on are sad anoraks unable to relate to their peers. I am of course living proof that this is utterly untrue, but I achieve my relative normality at a price - I have a dual identity.

My alter ego, the Information Anorak, exists exclusively in cyberspace, and is an opinionated pedant with an unhealthy fascination for all aspects of data and information management. If you find on this site rants about the myopia of people who don't take data seriously, and attacks on organisational received wisdom, they should be blamed entirely on him.

data quality
"...an invaluable compendium of information on the most pressing challenge in business today"

Sean Kelly
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"At last! Something on data even an old Luddite like me can understand!"

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"...a really useful resource to understanding all issues relating to data management"

Prof Derek Holder
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Direct Marketing
data quality
"...a down-to-earth, no-nonsense site designed to cover the new practices and theory of Information Management"

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