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This website aims to become both a forum and a resource.

The forum is a place where people can go to hear prevailing wisdom challenged, new ideas expounded, frustrations vented, movements born. If you are a practitioner in the arcane arts of turning marketing information into business value and you have views or ideas you want to share with a wider audience contact us and we'll tell you where you can send your contribution, whether it be a few paragraphs or several pages.

If it is neither libelous nor tedious we will endeavour to post it on this site. We are not interested in white papers from vendors or naked pitches from consultants (not at this stage anyway - a forum can also incorporate a marketplace, and if people find that useful we may evolve that way too). For now any pieces of writing (or pictures) that seek or propose answers to the questions we are all wrestling with will be looked on with a favourable eye.

As a resource, the site aims to be the place people come to find all the best material on data-driven marketing, Business Intelligence and information management. Despite my anorak tendencies I can't spend every waking hour reading, nor spend all night surfing the web. So if you come across a great site, a useful book or an insightful article let me know.

Any site is as good as its reader community, so we need all the feedback you can give. Whether you have questions or comment about the site itself, or about the topics it covers, contact us!
"...an invaluable compendium of information on the most pressing challenge in business today"

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"At last! Something on data even an old Luddite like me can understand!"

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"...a really useful resource to understanding all issues relating to data management"

Prof Derek Holder
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"...a down-to-earth, no-nonsense site designed to cover the new practices and theory of Information Management"

Simon Lawrence
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